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The first Creative Makerspace for businesses in Kelowna

Be the first and join our Hub for creative business and make your business grow. Offer more then just co-working space, we want to give you access to affordable space, cost effective tools, and services that will bring your business to new heights. Don’t have a business YET! but have some great ideas don’t worry we will help you get up and running in no time. Become a member of our team and build your knowledge and contacts to become successful in today’s world. So what to be apart of this contact us and join our creative office space in Kelowna

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Join Our Creative Office Space In Kelowna

K-HUB is starting a movement for startups, small businesses and creatives that are interested in a creative office space in Kelowna.


778-753-6565 Kelowna

867.993.3711 Yukon

250.300.8724 Mobile

Join Our Creative Office Space In Kelowna

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