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The Meeting

Its always a challenge finding the right kind of space to hold your meetings. Worry no more because in our Rendezvous room will have all of the things you will need to host and collaborate your strategic plans. Its where your meetings will take shape by plan your goals, do presentations, and go over the results.

The Solution

Whether your colleagues are in the room or around the world,  interactive whiteboards and Smart TV’s enable you to share and collaborate with anyone. Decked out with comfortable chairs,  a beautiful conference table, and a wet bar you are sure to get your team excited.





Days to build

Amazing Result



  1. an agreement between two or more persons to meet at a certain timeand place.
  2. the meeting itself.
  3. a place designated for a meeting or assembling, especially of troopsor ships.
  4. a meeting of two or more spacecraft in outer space.
  5. a favorite or popular gathering place.

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