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Our office space features over 3000 Square Feet, with 9 private offices, 24 open work stations, an executive board room, bathrooms, two kitchens, & reception area. We believe that in order to be creative you need to be surrounded by creative people in a space that inspires you every day.

Our office space thrives on using unexpected parts to create your everyday items. It’s boasting in architecture design, with timber beams strategically placed throughout the interior. We have built in barn doors and custom built pipe desks to stimulate you in every creative way possible.

 How our office space is different then the others

We don’t just offer office space for you to work, connect, collaborate, and innovate. W offer office space that can help you build your company up. We are a digital media company that can help you get your business off the ground. Whether your a start-up or a well established company we have all the tools you need to get online in multiple ways.

office space
Private Office Space

Private Office Space

We will offer 7 private offices for those that want the ability to zone out and work in peace

Team Co-working space

We will offer 20 hot desks for those that want to collaborate, and connect with others for ideas

Need Help Taking Calls

We will have a receptionist that will take your calls and make sure you get messages when your busy or not here

 Equipment That You Can Build With

We even will have equipment that you have never had access to before, like a laser etcher and 3D printers

 Beautifully Designed Boardrooms

We will have an Rendevuoz room which will have TV’s and all the tools you need to collaborate around the world

Creative Idea Room

We will have an Inception room for those that need to collaborate with others in a cosy room to build ideas old school with a whiteboards

 Full Kitchen Amenities

We will have a full on kitchen equipped with all the necessary tools for you to save money to cook and eat in

Events That Increase Your Business

We will have events that will help your business prosper through out the year put on and provided by Kreative Core Social Marketing.


Private Offices

Board Rooms

Amazing Space

Technology Is mandatory

Rendezous Room

Inception Room

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