What is a Makerspace?

You’ve talked about K-HUB being a Makerspace. A Makerspace is defined as a community-operated workshop where people with common interests – often in computers, technology, science, math, digital or electronic arts, and machinery – can meet, socialize and collaborate. Is this peer-to-peer learning environment comparative to your K-HUB KHUB Template3- backvision?

In a nutshell, yes, that is correct. We are building a peer-to-peer learning environment. The only real difference that I am making is that we are focused on providing more resources than most other makerspaces out there. We are focused on two things – the community being “the makers” and entrepreneurs being the “incubated businesses”. We hope that over time they will be teaching each other and working together on projects.

I can definitely see how “makers” get carried away with ideas on fun projects they want to build. They always have super-cool techy ways to expand and want their projects to do ten different things all at the same time. But sometimes it takes them a long time to accomplish it because they don’t have a degree in engineering, or the coding background, or maybe it’s the designing side of things. If we have an engineer, software developer or architectural designer in the “incubated” space, then we can direct them to the right person that can help solve their issues.

On the reverse, if we have anmakers-chris-anderson-610x425 “incubated” business that is working on building up its design firm and needs a physical model of its projects, we have “makers” that love 3D printing, robotics, laser cutters, and wood workers that could make that up for them in a matter of hours. I imagine that over time young “makers” finding their passions in life will get internships and jobs from the Incubated businesses.

My version of a makerspace may not be what others believe a makerspace should be, but in reality “makers” and “entrepreneurs” are one in the same. We are Kreative innovators unleashing our ideas. We are building it on passion, sweat, and tears, and we love to do it with like-minded people that are equally passionate about the same stuff. We’re building the next industrial revolution and are proud to be a part of it. Whether it is something we build just for ourselves or for others, what differences does it make? We are doing it because we love inventing things, so why not do it together?!

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