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Helping others build their companies will help me build my company”

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High end offices

We provide small to medium sized business high end custom timber beam offices designed by one of the top designers in the Okanagan. These offices are affordable and come with several perks that will help you grow your business faster.


Our warehouse houses over a $100,000 in machinery that can help you design, fabricate and manufacture your own prototypes and products. From laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines to a whole wood working shop.

Product Distrubution

Through our connections with one of the largest wholesale distribution companies in Canada we can help you get into hundreds of stores across Canada.

Marketing & Adversting

Our sister company Kreative Core Social Marketing which is located in house offers a full gambit of services that will help you get your company online in minutes.

Our Story

In the Yukon, I had the pleasure in collaborating closely with several levels of government on a number of business issues especially entrepreneurs and have helped provide advice on a number of occasions. I worked across the hall from the department of economic development and over that period of time the community created a space called Yukonstruct. I personal participated in several of the Yukonstruct events helping with collaboration and adding additional input. Yukonstruct is a makerspace that is a community-operated workspace incorporating elements of machine shops, workshops, and / or studios where ‘makers’ come together to share resources and knowledge to build and make things happen. These Makerspaces evolved because would-be entrepreneurs were either missing space, tools, or expertise needed to get their ideas off the ground. Interests generally include computers, technology, science, art, and other tactile endeavours (like wood & metal work). There are 30+ makerspaces in Canada and 900+ around the world.  They are the first Canadian makerspace North of 60.

We have come together and are now working full force to increasing the number of hubs that can help provide the tools businesses need to survive in this new economy.

  • High end offices 80%
  • Machinery 75%
  • R&D 70%
  • Distrubution 85%
  • Product Development 85%
  • Customer Happiness 90%
Carla Mather

Carla Mather



Carla is a tenacious business person with over 15 years experience in managing small to medium sized companies. Working in several fields has given has given her the ability to be well rounded in her skill set. She is creative and excel’s when she is presented with a challenge.

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